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The Ultimate Lipstick Guide
Selecting the perfect shade of lipstick is no child’s play, in fact, it is an art and aesthetics combined. With dozens of shades and textures available, selecting the perfect lipstick shade can be one hell of a task! Should I go for matte or glossy? Bold or Nude? What would suit my makeover? What would be suitable for this event? What would go perfectly with my dress?
Here is a guide with the definitive lipstick rules, to help you settle for the best suited lip shades every single time!

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Our Lip balms consist of moisturising ingredients that are used to protect and nourish the lips, which can be scented, flavoured, or natural depending on the ingredients.

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lip glosses

Our Lip Glosses give lips a shiny lustre slick finish and in some cases to add subtle colour. Our Lip-glosses are easy-to-apply. They are typically shiny, but can also have a glittery, opalescent, or metallic finish.

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I never liked lip glosses but this one is must have for everyone. It's just perfect, smells amazing and pretty kissable :)

Mary Claire

This is the best lip-gloss between ALL the brands I have used. I carefully watched your instagram reviews to pick up the best and most pigmented fragrance. I was not dissapointed at all...

Laura Hope

Elegant Beauty's lip gloss is amazing- great natural colour, makes lips plump ,removes chapping and scent is Amazing.

Cynthia Rodriguez